Best Student Blog of 2011

Hey you guys! My friend Teegan, has been nominated for Best Student Blog of 2011! Check out her blog here at and vote for her as Best Student Blog! She has the instructions for voting at her site, so what are you waiting for?! Click the link of Teegan’s blog above and vote for her as Best Student Blog! She definitely has one of the BEST blogs I have ever came over. 🙂


8th Grade

Holy chiz. I’m already in EIGHTH GRADE! In five years I’ll be able to graduate! Eighth grade, eh it’s ok. Seventh grade was my favorite so far, because I had great teachers and loved my classmates. This year however, it’s not the same. Being at my school for three years now, makes those little kids look up to you; and now you’re role models. It’s hard to believe, but I do feel proud of myself for making it this far. I’ve come a long way. :’)

I do like SOME of my teachers this year. Others..seem a little strict. And the fact that we have cubbie holes and not lockers any more is a big change. People keep stealing peoples’ books, pencils, etc. They should grow up and stop acting like children, because it’s not funny when you come to class unprepared because someone stole something of yours.

I miss one of my teachers most of all that I had last year. I hope I can stay in touch with him. I’ll try emailing him soon.

Geometry. Wow. That’s really tough. I’m in an advanced class for math (I’m currently taking nineth grade math) and it’s really hard. So far I’ve been doing ok, but man in class, I’m pretty much lost. Hope I’ll make it through so I don’t have to retake the course next year.

Eighth grade, please be easy for me. Wish me luck guys. 🙂

Summer’s End

Unfortunately, summer is nearly reaching it’s end. School will be starting soon (sadly) and will bring colder weather. What. A. Bummer.

I apologize for not being on lately, been enjoying some R & R while it lasts. 🙂

Not much going on. I’ve still been drawing pictures of anime and manga, heading out to beaches, and just hanging out at home. Hope everyone else is doing just as well.

Be back soon!


Goodbye school, Hello summer vacation!

School (I also refer to it as prison..) has finally let out June 3rd! I’m not letting this summer be a bummer!

Summer Plans anyone?
I know I’m doing A LOT of fun things this summer! How about you guys?
I’m going to the beach, gonna hang out with friends, and some rest and relaxation baby! Just going to take it easy.

Summer Benefits?
I’ll be able to blog more. Never had the time to while I was busy with all this school work.
Another benefit? My parents have to work, and this summer my brothers getting a job! Just me, Rodney (my guinea pig), and Hermie the hermit crab will be home! It’s about time for some peace and quiet!
I’ll also be able to work on some more of my art. Like I mentioned before, I never had the chance to draw because I’ve been so busy! Now, I’ll have the WHOLE summer to get some drawings done!

So come on guys! Live the summer BIG TIME! 🙂

School’s ALMOST Out!

Yep, the title explains it all. Just tomorrow, and then a half day, then school’s out for the summer! I have to say though, I’m definitely going to miss this year of school. It was my greatest year ever. For once, I actually “liked” school. Made some awesome friends (kept some old ones too) and had the greatest teacher ever! My communication arts teacher was my favorite overall. I’m neutral right now. I’m glad that school will be over, but I really liked this year.
I have a lot of things to look forward to during the summer. Going to the beach, some relaxation, and hanging out with friends. Any plans with you guys?
Hope you all have wonderful last days of school, and an awesome summer! 🙂

How to play Atton’s Quest to Freedom

Atton’s Quest to Freedom!

Have you ever wanted to play a game that’s so awesome you can’t stop playing it? My game “Atton’s Quest to Freedom” is all about escaping from Darth Revan! There are three levels to complete the game, level one, which is called “Breakout”, level two which is “The Twilight Zone,” and the third and final level called “The Final Phase.”
To begin with, this game’s first level is called “Breakout.” “Breakout” is about playing as Atton and escaping from Darth Revan. Revan has captured Atton, and there’s only one way out by collecting all the point pellets. During the game, you have to maneuver around enemies. It may seem easy just to collect all the points, but with all the enemies it makes it more challenging. The goal of “Breakout” is to get Atton out of the dungeon. By collecting all of the points, and making it to the star block, Atton can be freed. Level one can either be difficult or easy, depending on how you see the game.
Also, this game has a second level which is called “Twilight Zone.” “Twilight Zone” is a little more difficult than level one. Level two is basically Atton on a battlefield, fighting for his freedom. The second part of the “Twilight Zone” is when you have to make it to the star block. Revan sends out his army trying to halt Atton from reaching the star block. The way to beat the game is to destroy at least fifteen enemies and reach the star block. On Atton’s way to the block, enemies will roam around which makes it more difficult for Atton to flee. The “Twilight Zone” is all about fighting and staying on your guard.
The final level of “Atton’s Quest to Freedom” is called “The Final Phase.” This level is Atton’s chance for freedom. Atton needs to dodge the last of Revan’s army, and flee for freedom. You’ll also need to reach the end before the times up. You will only be given so long to run, and if you don’t make it to the end in time. Darth Revan will have you in his grasp again. Your way to beat the game is to keep on the lookout. Revan could send enemies at you at anytime, so the key to your freedom is to watch in all directions. By fleeing from Revan, the final phase will be completed!
In conclusion, “Atton’s Quest to Freedom” involves tons of action while Atton tries to escape from Darth Revan. “Breakout, The Twilight Zone and The Final Phase” are all the steps to Atton’s freedom. Doesn’t “Atton’s Quest to Freedom” sound like a challenge? Who wouldn’t want to play this game?

A Grand Return

Wow! I haven’t posted many blogs in a while! Sorry about that! I’ve been busy with school…and all the other stuff that I do. So yeah. Ok recently there has been an earthquake in Japan followed by lots of tsunami’s. That’s awful. Seeing all those poor people losing their homes, and even family members right before their eyes. That really stinks. I wish there was some way that I could help them, but I can’t really do anything about it. Everyone, think about those in Japan and find a way to help them! 🙂

P.S I will try to post more. Sorry guys!!